Sell Your Products to China

Axka Group is proud to announce an exclusive new platform:  

Get unprecedented access to China, with a projected $563 billion in e-commerce sales this year alone and growing to more than $1 trillion by 2018.  Let guide you through this exciting new market.

What is is an extension of the family that facilitates the sale of international products exclusively to the burgeoning Chinese market.  The key is our thorough understanding of and it’s subsidiaries: and is a simple and intuitive hosting service on either the Taobao or TMall platform giving you access to a staggering 100 million visitors each day.  

So what’s the difference?

While TMall focuses on major retailers, Taobao allows individual sellers to open virtual storefronts.  The Chinese market is infamously difficult to break into because government regulations have historically safeguarded China-based companies, making it extremely onerous for foreign vendors to gain traction. is the simplest yet most effective platform in dealing with these logistical issues.

Why Choose Axka? has already made a solid foothold on Taobao and about to open on Tmall.  Axka Group Inc. utilizes our experts in Chinese/North American interrelations to gain key insight into how to best position international products on each platform.

China's dominance in e-commerce is rapidly growing and the time to enter this exciting new market is now! provides digital storefronts to major retailers through TMall and invidual vendors through Taoboa making Axka the premiere ecommerce platform for any size business.

Your  gateway to a growing Chinese market.

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