What is One Click Checkout?


Our One Click Checkout lets you save time by skipping the shopping cart process. With one click of a button, your order is placed and you are automatically charged using your selected default payment method and billing/shipping addresses. There's no need to fill in any other information, making checkout simple and easy. 

How to Use One Click Checkout

1. After logging in, visit any product page.


2. Click on the “Turn On One Click Checkout” button. You will be taken to your user dashboard, where you can enable One Click Checkout and set your default information.


3. On the One Click Checkout settings page:

——You will see that One Click Checkout is currently set to off. Select the "Enable" option.

——Select your default coupon delivery method(s). At least one box must be checked.

——Select your default payment method and input the card number if necessary.

——Click on "Save Changes" to enable One Click Checkout.

You can change your default phone number and billing/shipping addresses by going to your Address Book.


4. Enjoy your new and improved shopping experience!

To turn off One Click Checkout, select the "Disable" option on the settings page.