Back to School Promotion Offer


  1. Log in Axka Account and get $5 Axka Promotion Credits right after the purchase of your first order.

  2. $5 Axka Promotion Credits will be added immediately to your Axka Account.

  3. $5 Axka Promotion Credits could be used on any Axka Deals or Products.

  4. $5 Axka Promotion Credits is permanently valid.


From September 1, 2016 to September 6, 2016.


Please carefully read policies, rules and procedures relating to this promotion offer. Participants in this promotion is deemed to agree with all policies, rules and procedures.

  1. This promotion offer is only available for registered Axka Account. Failure to log in registered Axka Account cannot obtain $5 Axka Promotion Credits.

  2. This promotion offer is available for 1 person only once.

  3. The first order in promotion offer cannot be refunded.

  4. $5 Axka Promotion Credits cannot be used for the first order.


  1. Axka is not responsible for any errors or delays regarding to deals due to network problems.

  2. Axka reserves the right in explanation of this promotion offer.